Create 3D night sky photo frames for facebook

Create a 3D Photo for free to post on Facebook, create 3D night sky photo frames for facebook. Use our free 3D Photo maker to create a 3D photo from an existing 2D image effects for facebook online is integrated by Ephoto360.

How to create Facebook 3D photos from your designs:

1. Upload the selected image and press the create button
2. Then download 2 photos of 1 tail image. jpg and 1 image as _depth.jpg. For example ephoto.jpg and ephoto_depth.jpg

3. Upload 2 photos on Facebook wall (On your computer) simultaneously, get 3D photo effect ...

If you use the phone you need to use the browser (and turn on the mode: the web page for the computer) on the facbook and upload the 2 images that you just uploaded to the wall.

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